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We are professional consultants that are versed in business and clinical operations, who are passionate about humanizing homecare. We serve everyone but have developed a special affinity to helping those within the BIPOC community. We’re inspired by the entrepreneurial journey from start-up to fully established business and have committed ourselves to guiding owners through the “how” and “what” they need to build the proper organizational structure to cultivate good business.

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We believe it doesn’t need to be as hard as it is to open and scale a homecare business. We believe in utilizing frameworks to ensure efficiency, and with that, you can manage effectively. We believe there’s more to starting a homecare business than just having a license. We believe it’s important to incorporate technology, workflows, and quality program initiatives to maintain a seamless operation and remain committed to making a difference. We believe homecare encompasses value-based measurements to ensure patients are receiving the best care possible.


Emmanuel Consulting Agency is on a mission to provide homecare entrepreneurs, agencies, and businesses with premium training and education to ensure compliance with state regulations. Our aim is to set owners up for success through hands-on execution of all necessary business and clinical documents, operations, processes, policies, and procedures to ensure a seamless and efficient run of business.

We envision start-ups and established homecare business owners operating with efficiency and a fully comprehensive approach to running a successful homecare business where owners are empowered and confident in their ability to sustain, scale and share their knowledge within the communities they serve. We see future home care business owners flourishing and operating with a level of efficiency that secures the financial abundance, legacy, and respect they deserve and desire.

Values: Quality, Transparency, Professionalism, Efficiency, Diligence, Knowledge, Trust, Honesty.

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Hi, I’m Julia! I'm a registered professional nurse with 15 years of experience with a background that includes clinical and business consulting, a former homecare business owner, and an entrepreneur. For as long as I can remember, I’ve held a deep passion for nurturing and caring for people in the community - which is what led me into the homecare industry. My introduction into business and clinical consulting started in 2013 with helping an acquaintance with setting up his first home care business, which was motivated by the need to provide proper care for his aging mother. In that role, I was tasked with learning and understanding the rules and regulations of the homecare industry and I spent endless hours researching and working with state departments to understand the step-by-step process of how to build and properly operate a homecare business in New York State.

During the build-out, in combination with my time as a nurse, I couldn't help but notice a great void in homecare operations and management. I’ve worked for several different agencies, including licensed homecare, certified home health agencies and managed long-term care insurance plans; where I noticed a consistent lack of homecare service delivery, quality of care, proper management skills, executive training and poor policy and procedure implementation. I got tired of witnessing the poor execution of business operations that were directly impacting patient care. So, I quit my job as C- level Director and Administrator and took a chance on myself. I applied my knowledge and expertise to establish my own business to help others who struggled in this space.

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