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Case Study: Client: [Company undisclosed due to confidentiality]

Emmanuel Consulting Agency helps LHCSA Maximize funding, allocate funding, strategic planning and creation of various programs including value-based patient programs and employee retention programs to improve performance.


In this case study, we will examine how Emmanuel Consulting Agency assisted a licensed home care services agency (LHCSA) in effectively utilizing funding from the Workforce and Value-Based Payment Directed Payment program approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Emmanuel Consulting Agency provided valuable guidance in creating a spending plan, allocating funds, implementing programs and initiatives, and ensuring compliance with reporting requirements. Through their expertise and strategic support, Emmanuel Consulting Agency helped the agency maximize the benefits of the funding and improve in key areas such as workforce retention, training, technology adoption, diversity and cultural competence, care management, emergency preparedness, and value-based payment.


The LHCSA was eligible for the Workforce and Value-Based Payment Directed Payment program. The program had a total spending allocation of $361 million split across two fiscal years to all agencies who qualified. To qualify for the funding, providers were required to attest to their planned use of ARPA HCBS funding and complete an initial survey. The Department of Health (DOH) identified specific expenditure categories, and providers were expected to create spending plans and budgets to ensure appropriate allocation of funds.

Strategy and Approach

Emmanuel Consulting Agency approached the LHCSA's funding utilization with a comprehensive strategy focused on maximizing the impact of the allocated resources. The following key steps were undertaken:

  1. Spending Plan Development: Emmanuel Consulting Agency worked closely with the LHCSA to create a comprehensive spending plan, ensuring that the funding was allocated strategically across various categories. Emmanuel Consulting Agency provided valuable insights and recommendations for program creation, initiatives, and implementation to align with the LHCSA's goals and objectives.

  2. Quarterly Reporting and Surveys: To retain their awards and maintain eligibility for future HCBS enhanced FMAP funding opportunities, Emmanuel Consulting Agency guided the LHCSA in completing quarterly surveys and preparing spending reports. These reports provided a transparent overview of actual and projected spending in key categories, allowing for monitoring and subsequent policy-making. Emmanuel Consulting Agency played a crucial role in ensuring compliance and accurate reporting.

  3. Extension Approval: Recognizing the unforeseen obstacles faced by the LHCSA due to the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Emmanuel Consulting Agency advocated for an extension in the utilization of the funds. Through successful negotiations with the department Emmanuel Consulting Agency obtained approval for the funding to be utilized through October 1, 2023, providing the LHCSA with additional time to implement initiatives and achieve desired outcomes.

  4. Consulting Modality Implementation: Emmanuel Consulting Agency provided valuable insights and consulting modalities in various areas identified as priorities for the LHCSA. These included adopting workforce retention and job satisfaction strategies, promoting the completion of training programs, utilizing innovative technologies for VBP contracting and employee satisfaction, recruiting and retaining a diverse and culturally competent workforce, implementing effective care management strategies, and preparing for emergencies through proper planning and stockpiling of personal protective equipment (PPE). Emmanuel Consulting Agency also guided the LHCSA in preparing for participation in value-based payment arrangements, enabling the agency to optimize reimbursement and drive performance improvements.

Results and Outcomes

The collaboration between Emmanuel Consulting Agency and the LHCSA yielded significant results and outcomes. By leveraging the expertise of the consulting firm, the LHCSA successfully created a spending plan, allocated funds, and implemented programs and initiatives in critical areas. The quarterly reporting and survey requirements were met, ensuring compliance and eligibility for future funding opportunities. Additionally, the consulting firm's efforts in obtaining an extension for fund utilization provided the LHCSA with the necessary flexibility to overcome unforeseen obstacles.


Emmanuel Consulting Agency's strategic approach and expertise enabled the LHCSA to maximize the benefits of the Workforce and Value-Based Payment Directed Payment program. By providing invaluable guidance in spending plan development, reporting, and implementation of key initiatives, the consulting firm helped the LHCSA address workforce retention, training, technology adoption, diversity and cultural competence, care management, emergency preparedness, and value-based payment challenges. This case study exemplifies the value of expert consulting in optimizing funding utilization and driving performance improvements in the healthcare industry.

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