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Client: Multiple Healthcare Industry Clients, Health Care Entrepreneurs, Private Equity Firms, and Licensed Home Care Service Agencies

Developing an Intensive Training Program for C-Level Executives in the Healthcare Industry. Specialty Registered Nurse Staff Training Program

Our Agency Background

We are a consulting firm specializing in providing solutions for the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations have several pain points within the industry, including a shortage of Registered Nurses (RNs) with management experience, difficulties in finding suitable replacements for C-level executives, and the need to hire qualified staff trained in compliance and management. To address these pain points, our agency developed a comprehensive training program for C-level executives, specifically targeting Directors of Nurses and Administrators in health care. The program was created by our founder who is a masters prepared nurse in nursing education and curriculum development. A portion of the training was developed in collaboration with past Department of Health (DOH) Auditor/surveyors and health care consultants.

Objectives to address lack of training specifically for C-Level executives.

  1. Develop a comprehensive training program led by industry experts with extensive experience. and consultants.

  2. Address the shortage of RNs with management experience by providing the necessary training and knowledge.

  3. Eliminate the challenge of finding suitable replacements for C-level executives and ensure the continuity of management within healthcare agencies.

  4. Enable health care organizations to hire a full-time Director of Nursing or Administrator on their terms, rather than being limited to inexperienced, part-time or temporary arrangements.

  5. Empower in-house nurses, supervisors, and administrative teams to grow and advance within the organization.

  6. Attract nurses from other healthcare settings to improve the workforce.

  7. Equip management-level staff with the skills and tools required to succeed in their roles and effectively manage their teams.

  8. Provide industry knowledge and keep staff updated with current practices.

Proposed Solution

Our consulting firm proposes an intensive training program that caters to both new and existing Directors and Administrators, as well as those transitioning from other healthcare settings. The program is delivered by seasoned Nurse Consultants with extensive experience, ensuring the highest quality of training and knowledge transfer. The training program focuses on improving health care organization operations, enhancing marketing techniques, optimizing workflows, and addressing various compliance matters.

Key Training Components

  1. Marketing Techniques: Participants learn key marketing strategies to improve agency visibility and attract new business.

  2. Operational Efficiencies: The training program provides insights into streamlining operations and workflow to maximize productivity and minimize costs.

  3. Patient and Employee Onboarding: Participants gain an understanding of effective onboarding practices to ensure a smooth transition for both patients and employees.

  4. Department of Health Surveys and Plan of Corrections: Participants learn how to prepare for DOH surveys, handle audits, and develop effective plans of correction to maintain compliance.

  5. Policies and Procedures: Participants will acquire the skills to write, update, and implement policies and procedures that align with industry best practices.

  6. Expansion Opportunities: The training will explore additional services that agencies can offer, providing tools to support compliance and foster growth.

  7. Agency Operations Improvement: The overall goal of the training program is to enhance healthcare operations, leading to improved efficiency, increased revenue, and reduced deficiencies.

Benefits for Program Participants

  1. Confidence in Dealing with Staff and Compliance Matters: Participants gain the necessary skills and knowledge to handle staff management, audits, and compliance issues confidently.

  2. Cost Savings: By minimizing deficiencies, state complaints, and the need for plans of correction, agencies can save thousands of dollars in potential penalties.

  3. Learning from Seasoned Experts: Program participants are opportune to learn from experienced industry professionals, benefiting from their expertise and insights.

  4. Accelerated Scaling: The training program provides a proven system for training and recruitment, enabling agencies to scale their operations more efficiently.

  5. Process Improvement and Revenue Increase: By implementing the strategies and techniques learned, agencies can improve their processes, resulting in increased revenue.

  6. Course Completion Certificate: Participants will receive a course completion certificate recognizing their commitment to professional development.

  7. Comprehensive Curriculum and Resources: Participants will receive a comprehensive curriculum and resource binder to support their ongoing learning and implementation.

  8. Post-Program Consulting: Participants have an opportunity to ask any post program questions on a thirty-minute follow-up consulting calls. Complimentary course updates may be provided if applicable to ensure ongoing relevance and applicability.

By partnering with our consulting firm, we can create custom executive training programs for your health care organization to address pain points, bridge the knowledge gap, and empower their management-level staff to succeed in their roles while driving agency growth and compliance.

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