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DPS Blueprint Workshop & Leadership Training  

DPS Blueprint Workshop

Ever wonder what your DPS does or is supposed to be doing? Or are you a DPS who wears many hats and wants a clear step-by-step process for Directorship? Some business owners want to understand why their Director of Patient Services gets paid the big bucks.

Emmanuel Consulting Agency hosts DPS workshops where we review our proprietary DPS blueprint.


You can expect to leave the workshop with a clear understanding of a DPS's workflow day to day, month to month, and year to year. A great tool for DPS evaluation- handoff and orientation for an incoming DPS to ensure a smooth transfer process.


DPS leadership Workshop

Our seasoned home care consultants provide leadership strategies including reporting measures to enforce so that you can measure your team's success and agency progress.  Learn how to be an effective Nurse leader in today’s home care environment. Leadership Training for DPS and CEO- management will learn how to measure value-based payment programs, utilize reporting to effectively manage staff, and create workflows, checklists, and operational SOPs to provide efficient care including Emmanuel consulting proprietary organizational blueprint for home care.

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