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Operational Audit Service

Our consultants help make your agency’s onboarding system more efficient and effective. We work with human resource headhunters, payroll specialists, insurance brokers, and home care software companies to help simplify your agency operations. We also audit the following for efficiency;

  • Policies and Procedures-

  • Emergency Preparedness Plan-

  • Review of operational procedures including daily, weekly, and monthly procedures/meetings

  • Review of operational processes and systems - policies and procedure manual review

  • Review of Electronic systems and internal databases -

  • Review of job descriptions and employee productivity-

  • Review of each home care agency department -

  • Review of intake department, marketing initiatives, referrals, active/discharge census taken under care referrals, client rosters and patient acuity, and utilization of home care hours.

  • Review of current employee roster including all internal staff, hiring recruitment, retention, termination process, utilization of hours, and overtime-

  • Review of orientation programs, in-services hiring process, and onboarding processes -

  • Review of general compliance protocols and complaints-

  • Review of coordination of care, scheduling, patients on hold, on-call procedures, nursing frequency, care coordination documents, duty sheets, nursing forms, electronic telephony, EVV-

  • Review of general billing systems, authorizations AR, trends, employee compensation, overtime, bonuses, raises etc-

  • Review continuous quality improvement initiatives, governing board emergency preparedness, last DOH, DOL, DOJ, vendor audits -  

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