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Nurse Consultant & Business Training Mastermind

Business Planning and Consultants Mastermind Class

Home Care Specific non-home care specific consulting

If you are a Nurse consultant or a healthcare consultant who is an expert at your niche but need to understand how to charge for your services, require operational forms, policies, and contracts, and strategy on how to get and retain clients our Health Care Business Consultant mastermind will help scale your customer base.

Manage Client Relations

  • How to enjoy consulting with its benefits of freedom, autonomy, and flexibility and not end up settling for just another full-time position

  • How to manage client relationships (know when to get legal counsel)

  • How to “fire” bad clients...before you ever hire them. Know what clients to take on.

  • How to structure your business to ensure you have a balanced lifestyle

  • Understanding the challenges and mindset of being the bad guy, beating the loneliness of consulting, working long hours

  • How to schedule your day and week


Setting The Foundations

  • Business basics from the business entity, contracts, and processes record keeping

  • Investing in a team (lawyer, accountant)

  • Working in an office or and pros and cons of working “on-site”

  • Why you need to get clear on your ideal client (focus on a niche)

  • Understand how to really help your client. Are you really helping your client


Strategies for Consulting Fees and Pricing

Setting your pricing foundation baseline learn how to estimate your time, raise your fee, and avoid pushback. Why you shouldn’t lower your fees.

Creating offers

Effective Contracts and Proposals

  • Writing a result-oriented proposal

  • How to guarantee your work

  • and more!

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