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Request for Offer (LHCSA RFO) Preparation Services & Request for Proposals

As part of the Medicaid Redesign Team the state plans to Issue a Request for Proposals for LHCSA’s: Under this proposal, the State would issue a request for proposals to limit the number of licensed home care services agencies (LHCSA's) authorized to participate in the State’s Medicaid program. The evaluation criteria for LHCSA's would establish a baseline value for wage and wage-related costs paid to home health aides and personal care workers employed or contracted by the LHCSA's, such that LHCSA's would be selected based on their ability to deliver administrative efficiencies in their operations, among other criteria, including quality.

What does this mean? The state wants to limit the number of agencies that can bill Medicaid. You must submit an offer and be accepted in order to continue billing Medicaid/MLTCs. This does not affect private pay or obtaining a new license. Any agency that is not selected will no longer be allowed to bill or contract similarly to the CDPAP RFO. Once DOH posts the RFP to its website, you will have 30 days to submit your RFP. We will be providing this service to a select number of agencies.

Department of Health will be posting a request for offers for Medicaid contracts for home care agencies to bid.

 We help prepare your agency to respond to this upcoming RFO. We conduct readiness assessments; to help you strengthen your organizational processes to position your agency for a strong bid. We help project manage and implement processes and help draft your response for the RFO.

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