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NY LHCSA Nurse's & Administrator'sTraining Program TM


Emmanuel Consulting has revamped our one-of-a-kind LHCSA Training Program. Introducing the official training NY LHCSA Nurse's and Administrator's Training TM

Are you ready to invest in your management staff and build your team with our comprehensive training for home care?

​Research shows that the average home care business invests thousands of dollars a year in software technology to keep compliance and that the concentration has been on caregiver training. But what about the need for management and regulatory training for Nurses, Administrators, CEO's and Home Care Leaders where they can receive the latest industry knowledge and revolutionize the industry? Building stronger management teams to solve real problems, support caregivers and improve patient outcomes gives your agency the best chance at success and gives your business an innovative approach.

Introducing the pioneer training program NY LHCSA Nurse's and Administrator's Training TM

Created by industry experts in-home care, Nurse Leaders, Health Care Business C-Level Executives, and former DOH Surveyors. Don't miss this training program opportunity. 

Requirements: (clinical or non-clinical professionals)

Attend the intensive 3-day track for Nurses and Admin support in home but seeking the opportunity of promotion.

Great for field Nurses, Assistant Director of Patient Services, Human Resource Managers, Office Managers with some home care experience.

Attend the 5-day Program - For anyone new to home care, New Nurses, New Administrators with no home care experience, non-Clinical professional, and Nursing Home Administrators who are transitioning.

  • This training will be given by our seasoned Nurse Consultants and Health Care Business Consultants in our corporate office to broaden your knowledge and help you improve your agency’s operations.

  • You will receive a course completion certificate for up to 3o hours of training!

  • We provide you with a comprehensive curriculum, training manual, and resource binder.


Program attendees will learn:

✔ Home care regulations and compliance you need to run a compliant agency
✔ Improve operational efficiencies and workflow thus improving your ability to acquire more agencies
✔ Learn how to onboard a patient and employee
✔ Understand the basics of Wage Parity
✔ Understand how to deal with Department of Health Survey’s /Plan of Corrections and be “audit ready at all times”
✔ Learn how to write, and update policies and procedures
✔ Learn other services your agency can offer and how to market your agency

Target Audience

  • New to Management, Nursing Home, hospital, Nurses, Administrators, HR Managers 

  • In-home care- has no management experience

  • Experienced Nurse- Needing a refresher


Why invest in this training program ? 

Because it solves the following industry’s pain points, improves your compliance, scale your home care agency! A great return on your investment!

  • Comprehensive training program from industry experts that have experience working as past DOH Auditors and as consultants

  • Fixes the shortage of Registered Nurses without Management Experience 

  • Never be stuck again with a DPS just because you “don't have a replacement”

  • Fills the gap so that you can hire a full-time DPS instead of hiring a DPS on “their terms”, or only for “one day week” to manage your agency  

  • Allows your in-house field Nurse, supervisors, administrative team to grow with you from within

  • Recruit Nurses from other settings into home care

  • Gives your management level staff the tools they need to succeed and manage your staff properly

  • Gain sound knowledge in the industry, refresh, or keep current

  • Be confident in dealing with staff, DOH auditors, Managed Long Term Care Providers, and other compliance matters 

  • Minimize deficiencies, and state complaints and need for plan of corrections saving you thousands of dollars

  • Get your questions answered and learn from our seasoned experts 

  •  Streamline your management orientation process making it efficient, and effective! Leave it to the experts in the industry 

  • Scale your agency faster by having a proven system for training and recruitment for your management staff

  • Improve your processes and increase your revenue

  • Receive a certificate for in-service training for up to 30 hours


​Our consultants will train your staff to improve compliance, workflow, patient care, and employee compliance.

This course is perfect for new Directors and Administrators, or for a brush-up. 

Training Topics may include:

  • ​Home Care 101- Methods of payments, authorizations, private pay

  • Marketing Intake & Growth

  • Tracking & Quality Assurance Initiatives

  • Human Resource Staff Training (cohort) 

  • Human Resource Compliance ​Aide/ Employee Compliance (cohort)

  • Recruitment, Training & Retention

  • In-home visits

  • Regulations Training

  • Standards/Scope

  • Reporting, Emergency preparedness, HCS roles

  • RN Role, Customer Service & Value-Based Initiatives*

  • Clinical Compliance

  • Duty sheets/Plan of care

  • Case management

  • Organizing Patient/ Employee Charts/Authorized Access/Storage

  • Coordination of care/Customer Service & Valued Based Care Initiatives

  • Regulatory Bodies

  • Dealing with Complaints

  • Dealing with DOH-plan of correction

  • Organization/ Documentation/ Technology/Management

  • Necessary Compliance Binders

  • Creating Forms/ Creating/ Revising Policies and Procedures 

  • Organizational Blueprints

  • Meetings and Communication/Accountability/Team Building/Coaching


Commonly asked Questions & Answers

Q. Where are the trainings held?

A. In one of our corporate or satellite office in Long Island NY. Virtual options are coming available soon. You may inquire with our team about further details.

Q. If I am an agency looking to make this investment for one of my field Nurses, can my Administrator join in this training as well?

A. Yes, we currently provide discounts for any additional member of your team. We also offer free refresher and training updates for any staff that initially attended the program. We stay up to date with regulation changes and industry best practices to keep our program current.

Q. If we are an ALP with a new LHCSA would this training be a good fit for our management staff??

A. Yes, we highly recommend all new agencies to attend our trainings. We have seen better agency outcomes when the investment is made early.

Q. What is the Return on Training Investment?

A. Over 300%

Based on surveys and data analytics post program:

  •  improved their confidence in managing a large team

  •  less escalated patient complaints

  • positively impacted their day-to-day operations

  •  increased overall job satisfaction and longevity

  •  very minimal deficiencies when audited

  • ability to manage staff and operations of the agency more effectively and efficiently

  • increase in profit margin

  •  improved patient outcomes

  • higher positive patient and employee satisfaction 

  • Increase in business opportunities, partnerships, and vendor rates 


Are you ready to make the investment in yourself and your staff?

Pre-register below to learn if partnering with us is right for your agency!


Thanks for submitting your pre-registration. We will be in touch with you for further details by email within 1 business day.



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