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Julia Akinyooye MSN, RN, 

Nurse Business Owner, Consultant & Entrepreneur

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Julia's Bio

Julia Akinyooye (Ah- kin- yo- ye) is the Founder of Emmanuel Consulting Agency, a distinguished minority women-owned healthcare consulting and coaching firm based in New York established in 2015. The firm has earned certification from the state and city of NY, solidifying its position as a premier establishment in the industry.

Julia has over 16 years of nursing experience and over 10 years as an entrepreneur. She has successfully owned and operated businesses in retail, real estate, hospitality, home care, and health care space.

Throughout her nursing journey, Julia made significant strides in her professional growth, ascending the ranks from a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A) during her high school years to obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N), and eventually achieving a Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N). Her career commenced at Mount Sinai Hospital, where she began her ascent up the corporate ladder, holding various management positions in home care, managed care, and health care consulting. Julia's unwavering dedication to healthcare and entrepreneurship has enabled her to develop a unique skill set that combines clinical expertise with strategic business acumen.

With a proven track record of success in both clinical and entrepreneurial realms, she has been featured on platforms like, BRAINZ Magazine, and her company was shortlisted as the best healthcare consulting firm in 2023 by Healthcare Business Review Magazine.

She specializes in assisting entrepreneurs in launching their own businesses from scratch and transforming their ideas and concepts into successful ventures within the healthcare industry. Her experience also includes consulting with over one hundred healthcare organizations, aiding them in both expansion and compliance. As a nurse entrepreneur, she has facilitated various business transactions, participated in mergers and acquisitions, and successfully sold healthcare businesses to other entrepreneurs.

She is an educator, mentor, consultant, and business coach. She is known for tapping into an entrepreneur's strengths and turning “passion into profits”.

Her mission is to provide nurses and healthcare entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established businesses with premium coaching, consulting, training, and education to build a solid healthcare ecosystem.

She has developed and implemented frameworks and strategies to set entrepreneurs up for success through hands-on execution of all necessary business and clinical documents, operational policies, and processes to ensure a seamless and efficient run of business.

Her vision is to continue making an impact on the industry and help more nurses become entrepreneurs. See them flourish and operate with a level of efficiency that secures the financial abundance and respect they deserve and desire.

She aims to continuously create a safe space where nurses are empowered and confident in their ability to sustain, scale, and share their expertise within the communities they serve.

A native of Queens, NY, As the youngest of many siblings, Julia has always valued her strong Nigerian and Christian roots. Julia finds great fulfillment in mentoring graduate-level nursing and healthcare administration students through her collaboration with local colleges like Adelphi and Pace Universities. Additionally, she shares her expertise as an executive contributor for an online magazine that caters to entrepreneurs. Julia is actively involved in the National Nurses in Business Association, where she stays connected to other nurse entrepreneurs. She also serves a mentor with the Small Business Administration Services (SBS) in the We NYC, mentorship program where she mentors women entrepreneurs. When she's not busy with her professional commitments, Julia cherishes spending quality time with her loved ones. One of her favorite activities is attending her son's basketball games, where she proudly and loudly cheers him on from the sidelines.  

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