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The Solutions Group

The Solutions Group specializes in Home Care, Nursing Registry, Medical Staffing and other healthcare business liability insurance. Providing hassle-free application process, guarantees a quote in 24-hours, and provides the broad coverage at reasonable cost. Get a quote here at no obligation.

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Rappora is non-medical home care agency management software that works where you work: in the office and on-the-go. We help you simplify office work, reduce risk and meet the demand for high quality home care. Start today with a free trial by clicking the icon with no obligation.

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Today, Heartland delivers credit/debit/prepaid card processing, payroll, and payment solutions to more than 300,000 businesses and educational institutions nationwide. 
We are a leading worldwide provider of payment technology and software solutions delivering innovative services to our customers globally. 
In additional to Payments and Payroll, we also offer Point of Sale, Customer Engagement and Capital.

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Ring Central

Emmanuel Consulting Agency has worked with this client from the very beginning - and we’re happy to be their partner throughout their journey. Together, we have achieved outstanding results, and it has been a pleasure to watch their business grow.

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Become part of our preferred network to help our healthcare business clients operate effectively and efficiently.


Business Vendor Resource List & Directory

We are not responsible for and assume no liability for any third-party business vendors listed here and are not liable for their business actions. This list is for industry resources only.  It is your responsibility to do due diligence and vet all vendors accordingly. 

Some business vendors may provide us with commissions when you click on their links and utilize their services.

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