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20 Tips to prepare for LHCSA RFP

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

As part of the Medicaid Redesign Team the state plans to Issue a Request for Proposal for LHCSA’s: Under this proposal, the State would issue a request for proposals to limit the number of licensed home care services agencies (LHCSAs) authorized to participate in the State’s Medicaid program. The evaluation criteria for LHCSAs would establish a baseline value for wage and wage-related costs paid to home health aides and personal care workers employed or contracted by the LHCSAs, such that LHCSAs would be selected based on their ability to deliver administrative efficiencies in their operations, among other criteria, including quality. What does this mean? The state wants to limit the number of agencies that can bill Medicaid. You must submit an offer and be accepted in order to continue billing Medicaid/MLTC’s. This does not affect private pay, or obtaining a new license. Any agency that is not selected will no longer be allowed to bill or contract similarly to the CDPAP RFO. Once DOH posts the RFP to their website, you will have 30 days to submit your RFP. We will be providing this service to a select number of agencies.

Department of Health will be posting a request for offer for Medicaid contracts for home care agencies to bid. Are you prepared? Here are 20 tips to get your agency ready to submit your offer.

  1. Gather Notable Management and Administrative staff and resumes or add qualified candidates to your team!

  2. Take leadership courses in emergency management and organization leadership

  3. Start Quality Assurance Initiatives

  4. Develop emergency partnerships and robust protocols

  5. Perform a risk Assessment

  6. Improve HIPAA, protocols and policies

  7. Start a Home Care Training School

  8. Utilize All services approved on your license e.g., PT, OT, SW, DME, Housekeeping Home Maker

  9. Implement a specialty training program

  10. Work with Veteran and Woman Owned Businesses or get certified as a Woman or minority owned business

  11. Improve your customer experience by implementing electronic surveys, compliance lines

  12. Implement a Wellness or preventative health program

  13. Implement or adopt a family portal to patient care manage care

  14. Provide online applications for staff and online onboarding to increase retention and quality

  15. Review and revise your policy and procedures, get accredited by home care accreditation or better business bureau.

  16. Review, revise, and condense your clinical and personnel forms and paperwork

  17. Provide case management and disease management care and partner with health insurances

  18. Improve on your patient education handouts and learning for more effective care planning

  19. Improving on language efficiencies (translate your materials in the primary languages your serve)

  20. Put in place efficiencies that help improve care for your disabled patients

If your agency is in need of boosting your services and operations to make you more inclined for RFP to be accepted call us today to book a RFP prep survey at (516) 362-3000 Ext 1, visit us on the web at or email us at

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