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Can Nurses start businesses? Questions about starting a nursing business!

Emmanuel Consulting Agency

Have you considered starting a Nursing Business? Join the wave of Nurses starting business. Emmanuel Consulting Agency has been helping Nurses and other Entrepreneurs start successful businesses. As a Nurse owned and operated business since 2014, we understand the uncertainty in starting a nursing business. Many of our clients are scared and nervous about starting.

Here’s our commonly asked questions.

Q. Can Nurses really own businesses?

A. Doctor’s own businesses, Pharmacist’s own businesses, and Physical Therapists own businesses. Nursing is not an exception! Even non medical professionals own Nursing and Healthcare businesses why not Nurses?

Q. But is this legal?

A. Yes, a Nurse can legally start a business

Emmanuel Consulting has Consulting Attorney’s on our team that we consult with to provide our clients with quality service. When starting any business, you should always get legal advice from your attorney and Accounting Tax advice from your accountant.

Q. What are the success rates?

A. Success rates depend on each individual person. If you are passionate about it, have tested your target, and seek professional coaching and consulting your success rates are higher.

Q. What kinds of business can I start?


  • CPR Business

  • Nurse Recruitment

  • Consulting Firm

  • Lactation Consultant/ Child Birth

  • Nurse Educator

  • Nurse Healthcare Navigator/Advocate

  • California Infusion Nurse Agency (for California Nurses only)

  • Private Duty/Concierge Nurse

  • Nurse Registry

  • Wellness Nurse/Yoga Nurse

  • Academia Nurse/Career/Advisor/NCLEX Business

  • Infection Control Nurse

  • Corporate Training/Compliance Business

  • Health Fair/ Blood Drive & Community Outreach Nurse

  • Nurse Influencer /Public Speaker/ Author

  • Any that serves a purposeful need! With a need there comes clients!

Q. How long will it take to launch my business?

A. In most cases 30-120 days depending on your type of business

Q. How much will start up cost me?

A. Depending on your business anywhere from $10k-20k

Q. How can your team help me?

A. We help setup and launch your business. We provide the business licensing and filings, business compliance, policies and procedures if applicable, marketing material including website, brochures, business cards, and logo. You will be assigned a Consultant that will work with you individually to launch your business.

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