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Celebrating Black Owned Home Care Agencies and their impact in the home care industry

Black owned Home Care Agencies are the minority in the industry however, it is important to note they have great impact in the communities they serve. As a Minority owned home care and healthcare business consulting firm we aim to elevate black home care businesses everyday and not just annually.

Black History Month is an opportunity to pay tribute to the many black owned home care businesses that have made an incredible impact in the healthcare industry and their success is something to be celebrated.

By celebrating their successes we can recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in the healthcare and home care industry.

Furthermore, these businesses often provide access to services and opportunities that may not be available elsewhere, providing a unique and essential service to the community.

We would like to show our appreciation for the work they do, and recognize the essential role they play in the healthcare industry.

Read our CEO's article contribution in BRAINZ Magazine celebrating 3 Black Owned Businesses Total Care Services LLC, H A C Home Care LLC, and MMO NURSING PLLC and their impact, story, and contributions.

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