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NY Home Care Agency Updates

A note from the team as of 2/18/22- updates may be in effect after this date. Please refer to the state of NY DOH website and resources.

New changes to the process to request to make changes to your LHCSA license

There are new procedures for making changes to your LHCSA license, adding a county or service/site, deleting a county or service, and changing of operator or address. If you need assistance with making changes to your LHCSA book a consultation with us at Urgent needs please call (516) 362-3000 option 2 to be added to our waitlist for the soonest possible appointments. Emmanuel Consulting Agency will help you prepare your request.

Booster Mandate

The requirement for NY LHCSA’s personnel to submit proof of vaccine booster, which was to go into effect February 21st,2022 (Monday) will not be enforced as of now.

Value-Based Payment

Value-Based Care Consulting- If you are a LHCSA who is eligible for ARPA funding awaiting funds and require consulting for your value-based initiatives and measures, we will be opening consulting services to other LHCSA’s that are not current clients as of March 1st, 2022. If your agency would like consulting services, please contact us at

Value-Based Consulting for your home care agency

Our Consulting team will provide consulting on the development of specialty programs to aid in your agency’s disease training programs. Consulting may include the development of the specialty training program’s curriculum, coordination, and development of the specialty program and of your home care aide orientation training program.

Emmanuel Consulting Agency will develop value-based measures to be implemented in your home

health aide orientation program. The development will include strategic planning in valued-

based care. For example, our home care consultants will focus on developing value-based care

measures in the job descriptions of direct care works.

Technology- Our Consulting team will strategically plan and consult with your company’s IT

department or home care software vendor to implement strategies that comply with contractual obligations under value-

based payment, recruitment strategies, employee engagement through quantitative and

qualitative feedback and promoting seamless caregiver onboarding, improving e-Learning

experiences and employee satisfaction along with consulting with third-party vendors for

employee incentives and benefits.

On a patient care level-consulting will be provided around, efficient electronic

documentation, care management, patient engagement, tracking of data including

complaints, abnormal finding reporting, patient progress, prevention of hospitalization and

complications, wellness promotion, and patient-centered care plan goals.

Diversity/cultural competence- Emmanuel Consulting Agency Consulting team will provide cultural assessments, will consult on marketing strategies and campaigns to promote diversity and plan for a cultural committee, appoint a diversity officer or create a cultural center/event to reflect the outcome of your agency’s cultural assessments.

Emergency Preparedness-Our consulting team will develop strategic partnerships, expand

your emergency preparedness program to include partnerships, source vendors for

supplies and training and develop emergency policies and procedures.

VBP- Value-Based Readiness & Care Management

The consulting team will assist in creating your agency’s value-based team

to prepare, develop, implement, & evaluate a value-based payment program. Some high-

level tasks will include:

• analyzing data reports

• setting goals and evaluating care

• implementing measures that increase value in care for better patient outcomes

• creating a program for the value-based team to respond live to live insights

• having aides to input data to improve outcomes-(data can include care insights, falls

incidents, complaints, progress, decreasing hospital visits)

• assisting in creating impactful value-based care patient cohorts

• creating patient portals reflecting care

• electronic documentation pay- for performance, pay for reporting reaching performance,

• promoting and gathering wellness trends (preventative clinical measures)

• analyzing and improving care plan compliance

• analyzing caregiver observations for example, safety, falls, reporting missed visits, meds diet non-adherence

• KPI’s- assistance with tracking to make the most impact on your strategic care outcomes

• regulatory compliance

• staff resources

• operational efficiencies/ service delivery-utilizing data systems to analyze

• working with Regional Health Information Organizations RHIO

• Workforce investment organization (WIO training)

• VBP education to staff- underserved, underutilize hours, late call-outs, frequent change

of caregivers.

Quick Tip

Is your agency really compliant?

2020-2022 Policy Check

Does your agency have the following updated in your policy and procedure manual? Here’s a checklist to help your organization.

TB policy (updates) TBQ Risk Assessment Update 2020-2021

  • Health Assessment Policy (update) aka Pre-employment physical exam and health 2021 assessment policy) 3/2021 5/2021 Health Assessment form update

  • Remote Working Policy 3/20/20

  • Telehealth Virtual Visit Policy including virtual assessment and supervisions 3/20/20

  • Covid-19 policy (updates) including screening tools 3.20/2020 12/2/2020, 12/27/2021 1.2.2022 1.22.22

  • Covid-19 Vaccination Policy 10/7/2021 revised again 11/22/2021 (includes medical exemption policy and exemption form)

  • Fiscal Intermediary (Consumer Direct Program) Vaccine Policy (new) (includes a certificate to be posted and checklist)12/20/2021

  • HERO Act Policy 9/2021

  • Emergency Preparedness updates (as applicable for your agency)

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