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Emmanuel Consulting Agency Offers Accreditation Services. Get Accredited!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Dear Home Care Agencies,

Do you want to get accredited? We are Certified ACHC Consultants!

We can assist your agency in preparing for the accreditation survey.

  1. ACCREDITATION IS IMPORTANT. Your agency will be able to meet the official regulatory requirements and standards by improving your performance and your focus on patient care.

2. NOTE THAT ACHC ACCREDITATION ALSO HAS CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) deeming authority for the following: Acute Care Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Clinical Laboratories, Critical Access Hospitals, DMEPOS, Home Health, Home Health Infusion, Hospice, and Renal Dialysis Program.

Get in touch with us!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Emmanuel Consulting Agency.



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