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Home Care Consulting Agency Signs NYS Home Care Association of Health Care Providers Campaign

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

The Campaign Demands Emergency Financial Relief for Licensed Home Care Service Agencies in New York Struggling Due to After Math if COVID-19 Pandemic

In Honor of Their 7-Year Business Anniversary, Emmanuel Consulting Agency Creates an Initiative to Help Small Home Care Agencies Maintain Compliance

Home Care Consulting Agency signs NYS Home Care Association of Health Care Providers petition to demand emergency financial relief for Licensed Home Care Service Agencies in New York struggling, due to aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic and in honor of their 7-year business anniversary starts initiative to help small home care agencies maintain compliance.

Great Neck, NY February 3rd, 2022

Home Care Consulting Firm in New York paves the way to help small struggling Licensed Home Care Service Agencies in NY. Avid Lead Consultant at Emmanuel Consulting Agency was interviewed and expressed deep concern for the home care industry in NY and across the country. Registered Nurse Julia Akinyooye, RN MSN Nurse Consultant at Emmanuel Consulting Agency, provides expert consulting services to home care businesses.

Since the state passed a moratorium back in April 2018, there has been a significant shift in the homecare industry. Further, the Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the home care industry in many ways. Shortages of home care workers are the leading cause of the significant struggles home care agencies are experiencing. Meanwhile, the more prominent home care agencies in NY are currently preparing to receive FMAP funding and awaiting approval from the state and CMS.

As an initiative to help small home care businesses get over the hump of the pandemic and as part of Emmanuel Consulting Agency’s 7th anniversary in business, the NY based home care consulting firm has formed an initiative to provide complimentary consulting to small businesses who demonstrate great need in consulting assistance and compliance. Emmanuel Consulting Agency will offer a limited number of hours of consulting to LHCSA’s that demonstrate great consulting need and financial struggle for the month of February. The consulting firm believes this will help struggling agencies stay compliant and allow the consulting firm to “give back” to the agencies that were not on the list to receive the pending FMAP funding(ARPA-funded Long-Term Care and Value-Based Payment Readiness investment). Furthermore, Emmanuel Consulting Agency has since signed a campaign initiated by the NYS Association of Health Care Providers (HCP), a home care advocacy group based in Albany, NY, to urge the state to assist LHCSA’s struggling due to the pandemic and demand emergency financial relief. One of the major concerns of the advocacy group relayed in a recent survey to its members stated that nearly 90% of home care respondents are having difficulty serving patients, and nearly 11% of respondents stated they are having financial losses so great that they are considering closing. If you are a small LHCSA grossing less than 5 million in revenue annually, you may reach out to Emmanuel Consulting Agency to see if you qualify for complimentary consulting as part of their comradery to home care agencies.

Emmanuel Consulting Agency, established in 2015 as a Minority-owned and female-led home care consulting firm based in New York, provides consulting services for new and existing agencies. They are known for their famous "mock surveys" and their home care Administrators/Directors training program for home care agency owners that promotes regulatory compliance training and helps new agencies across the county startup "the right way," They offer an array of services to entrepreneurs to assist in setting up their agency with a solid foundation, as well as new business professionals, Health Care Entrepreneurs, Healthcare Investors, Nurses and other professionals, who are new to the industry or need robust higher-level consulting for their home care startups. They assist with grant proposals, auditing, plan of correction, home care licensing, home care policies and procedures/ forms, accreditation services, and readiness assessments for operational efficiencies for Lead Fiscal Intermediaries and Preparation for Request for Proposals/ Offers for Preparation for LHCSA's.

The Consulting firms' mission is to:

  1. Provide home care business owners across the United States high level consulting through education where medical and nonmedical professionals learn how to start and operate an agency

  2. Understand the rules and regulations of the industry

  3. Strive not only to meet minimum standards set by the regulatory bodies but provide value-based services

  4. Utilize innovative technology for a more streamlined onboarding process and improve patient experience and outcome.

  5. Help agencies provide premium value-based service that includes holistic care and patient-centered goals.

  6. Help agencies to provide superb premium customer service to patients, their families, and staff.

  7. Recruit and train qualified caregivers by using a new and innovative approach to recruiting and training home health aides and provide customer service-based training.

  8. To address "burnout," "ghosting," enhance patient/ caregiver matching strategically, and introduce patient/ family online HIPAA compliant portals and chats.

For more information, you may visit or call the firm at (516) 362-3000. The initiative will be funded by Emmanuel Consulting Agency for a limited time, subject to specific requirements. To sign the campaign to urge financial relief for home care agencies, go here

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