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Home Care is an Essential Business. Start yor non medical home care agency today.

Have you been meaning to start a home care agency but caught between working, family life, and a small budget? Don’t let everyday life stop you from achieving your dreams. In fact, many entrepreneurs start out on a shoestring budget or with little time. Agency owners are starting up home care businesses every day. Despite the quarantine Entrepreneurs are looking for alternative businesses, profitability, stability, and freedom.

Did you know Home care is an “essential business” and is classified as a “recession proof business”. Due to COVID many home care agencies have seen a major shift in the number of patients needing care. Our clients have increased their patient census by 30-40% on average. Not only does operating a home care agency allow you to give back to the community, and humanity, it allows business owners to scale their businesses, become financially stable, and build legacy. Think about this (Example), For Home Care Services Aide service is $24 per hour x 40 hours a week= $960/week x 52 weeks=50k annually in revenue for ONE patient. Of course, you will have overhead etc, but don’t forget as a business you have many more tax deductions that you don’t have as an employee. That’s how Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon continues to pay $0 in federal taxes!

It’s common to be fearful of the unknown, worry if you will make it, or simply if you have what it takes to start and operate a home care agency. That’s why you leave it up to US! We walk you through and help you through what you need to know about the industry. Emmanuel Consulting Agency Inc has an array of packages that will help each individual entrepreneur at every stage.

Novice- Great for self-motivators that are on a very small budget who are detailed oriented, have strong work ethics and just need a bit of structure and assistance to start their company. Must be willing to do the work to file the documents, navigate the system at their own pace and able to learn through videos, and templates.

Price $1545 one-time payment

Full Service Premium Startup- Great for Entrepreneurs that would like to start and agency but don’t know where to start and would like a professional to get the business up the right way. This is a concierge level of service you’ll have a personal Consultant that will setup the business for you and will teach you about the industry so that you can launch your company in confidence. This package is comprehensive and includes marketing material like logo, website, brochure, business cards and access to our preferred vendors.

Signature CEO Membership- Great for Entrepreneurs who have started the process but are stuck or need intermittent professional coaching or consulting through a monthly membership. All Members who are active for three months will be granted access to our quarterly webinars that will help you run your agency. Some examples of our most popular courses are Marketing 101, Compliance, and Negotiating a contract

Price $995 per month no commitment (month to month).

Become a member today

Why wait longer to achieve your dreams and goals?

Emmanuel Consulting Agency can help visit us on the web

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