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Home Care Marketing How do I market to get more patients for my non medical or medical agency?

There are many ways to market you home care business to get more patients. There is no easy fix to this. Some agency owners hire marketers to get “business” for them however be very careful if and when you do. Before hiring a marketer here are some things you should do beforehand:

Ensure you have a:

  • Logo that is reflective of your mission

  • Strong Mission and Vision Statement

  • Website or landing page

  • Press release

  • Patient packet

  • Information about the start of the company/recognitions and awards

  • Create a proposal on areas and people you would like the marketer to target including a sample schedule

  • Ask for your marketers’ book of contacts (this may be proof they can bring you clients)

  • Obtain reference that are verifiable

  • Ensure you have an agreement in place so that your marketer cannot steal your clients (at least for a little while)

  • Create a base salary and commission scale

  • Create a training/Inservice to review the goals, job description for your marketer to attend

Some agency owners may not have the budget to hire a marketer and we understand! If this is you

Join us in our next Marketing Intensive Group Session to learn to market your company before you can hire a marketer or if you have already hired a marketer and would like to get clear on how to manage them.

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