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It's time: Tips to fill out the Consumer Direct Personal Assistance Program Attestation for Lead FI

It's crunch time in NY as FI's that were not awarded Lead FI and but met certain criteria from January 1- March 31st, 2020 can submit an attestation to become lead FI. Here are some to remember when filling out the attestation and supporting documentation that is due by November 29th, 2022.

  1. Cross-reference EOB to ensure type of service is CDPAP services and not for administrative fees only. You may decide to review claims billed for to include, date of service, payment submitted, and MCO.

  2. MCO name is the MLTC’s name you billed for CDPAP services

  3. Send a test email prior to the due date to to ensure they will be able to open your encrypted email. Label it “test” and do not send any attachments with the test email

Review and ensure

  1. File names are labeled as per requested format <Lead FI Name> FI Attestation

  2. Supporting Information

  3. Excel tabs and PDF tabs are labeled

  4. Attestation form can be reviewed against the previously RFO submitted, or company legal docs for important information e.g Name of company, NPI, FEIN, contact information. Must be precise and accurate.

  5. Check if the counties are in applicable tabs within excel

  6. Check that the number count of patients is consistent on excel and pdf and the attestation form

  7. Check if the time period of CDPAP services are within the applicable time frame 1/1/2020- 3/31/2020

  8. CIN number is the patient Medicaid Number Should begin with two letters and ends with one letter

  9. Do not include extra information not

To be done prior to submission

  1. Send a test email to to ensure they will be able to open it

  2. PDF of the Attestation Form needs to be signed and dated (electronic is acceptable)

  3. Apply password Protected Excel spreadsheet with the same naming convention

  4. Apply password Protected PDF of the Excel spreadsheet with the same naming convention

To submit

  1. Submit to in two emails as follows:

  2. Email 1: Excel and PDF files

  3. Email 2: Password(s) for each file (password can be the same for both files)

  4. A confirmation receipt email will be sent within one business day of submission.

To follow up

  1. If a confirmation email is not sent, please contact via unencrypted email with NO attachments to inquire about the receipt of your attachments.

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