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Updated: May 21, 2020

In order to restart your home care or healthcare business you must have policies and procedures in place related to the changes caused by covid. Some policies that you would want to have in place is coronavirus clinical policy, infection control policy, telecommuting and safety emergency management policy at the minimum. Ensuring your organization has the right policies in place will decrease your company's risks and prevent your employees from becoming sick and infecting other staff. If you are a healthcare related business, your governmental agencies may see to it that you have these policies implemented and are compliant either through desk auditing your agency or via in person audits when it becomes safe for them to come out. Operational policies are also imperative to ensure logistically your agency has the operational efficiencies needed to restart your business. Having a healthcare professional teach, train, and implement such protocols such as ensuring employees can put on and take off their masks appropriately, understands the process on what to do if an employee exhibits signs of COVID, if an employee is covid positive,who to report to, how to get testing and personal protective equipment and to effectively control the spread of covid are just a few things that can help your agency reduce liability and protect your establishment. Book a complimentary consultation here with one of our Registered Nurses Consultants today to get your agency prepared to reopen. Wondering what you need to do to reopen?

If you are in need of a Coronavirus policy for your company you may click here

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