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Pros and Cons of Starting a Franchise Verses Independent Home Care

If you are in the planning phase of starting your own home care agency you may have questions on whether you should go with a franchise or build your own agency. Here are some pros and cons to starting a franchise or independent agency to ensure you make the right decision when starting yours.

Pros of starting a Home Care Franchise


Name recognition

Access to the franchise network for networking (franchises can be like having a partner)

May have more access to private lenders for capital needs

Cons of Owning a Home Care Franchise


Limited territory

Restricted marketing

Initial costs are high

Can be less profitable (according to Kluwer Academic Publishers, independent business startups are generally found to be more profitable than those of franchises)

You will be paying royalties

Limiting pricing and promotions

Using another name, you did not create, thus being associated with a brand that may or may not have a great reputation

Many franchises are led by mostly business men and woman and not by clinicians who understand how to provide the best care and abide by the states policies. When you may be in need with state audits many agencies avail Consultants for audits and for growing your agency with specialty programs

Owning an Independent Home Care Agency Pros and Cons

Starting an Independent agency has limited cons since using a reputable home care consulting agency provides high level customized training and continued memberships.

Cons of Owning an independent Home Care Agency

One of the only cons in owning and independent home care business is name recognition. When starting a franchise your community may already know the name of your business. This can be a pro and a con

Pros of Owning an independent Home Care Agency

Be in full control of running your business at any given time

Enjoy all the profits

Startup is less expensive (often a fraction of franchises)

Get business planning/ full disclosure on business needs, expectations, and growth potential

No restrictions on marketing

With your independent agency you will be branding your business name, which will have your own meaning, and mission

No restrictions on territories

No restrictions on pricing and promotions

Price your services at what the market will pay and high-quality service you provide

Get personal customized attention from your own personal consultant and the team

Learn from Nurse Clinicians and Business Consultants who have vast knowledge

Our clinicians not only have experience running and operating agencies but in the regulatory sectors and hands on with patient care.

Our business consultants have the expert knowledge on running businesses and day to day operations to help you run efficiently, effectively and on a budget while still providing great care.

We can help you with growth and implementing specialty patient care programs (clinical based programs)

We can help you with other consulting services that you may need in the future

We have a team of preferred business vendors who are small business friendly and give great pricing to our clients who have a smaller budget.

If you are interested in starting a home care business Emmanuel Consulting Agency can help you! We have a 100% licensing success rate. Our clients break even after months of hard work and dedication. We are Better Business Bureau Accredited at an A plus and have raving reviews on google. We pride ourselves on our superb customer service, expertise, low costs, and seamless startups. We help you thrive in your business with our array of continued membership programs and our discounts on multi business entrepreneurs. If you are serious about opening a profitable, compliant, and prestigious home care agency, contact one of our Consultants today at (516) 362-3000 or email You will be happy you did!

Cheers to your success whether you go with a franchise or independent home care we need you in our communities!

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