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Starting a Home Care Agency; The journey of a Nurse to Nurse Entrepreneur Vesretta's Home Care LLC

Meet Janet Roberts a Nurse Entrepreneur. She is a Registered Nurse who has scaled her way from being a Certified Nurse Assistant, to a License Practical Nurse, to a Registered Nurse and finally to a Nurse Entrepreneur! She is the Principal at Vesretta's Home Care Agency in New York. Watch Emmanuel Consulting Agency interview the CEO of Vesretta’s Home Care.

  • Hear her processes of getting licensed by New York State Department of Health

  • Her journey through the process and why a Consultant is needed for expertise and navigating the process

  • Her educational background and how her experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant LPN to an RN helped and inspired her

  • How her family inspired her agency’s mission and vision How covid-19 impacted her vision and created more of a need for an essential based business The agency’s focus on educational teaching, and disease management

  • How she bridged the gap between acute care to home care

  • How the agency will focus on not only patient centered care but family centered care Specialty services they will provide like IV infusion

  • How working with Emmanuel Consulting Agency helped her dream come into fruition and became a living testimony

Licensed by NYS DOH in September 2020 by Emmanuel Consulting Agency Inc. If you or a loved one require home care services Home Health Aides, Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses or IV infusion Vesretta's Home Care can help! Contact (718)465-5151 or

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