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Coordinators & Schedulers Training

Coordinators & Schedulers Training

This is a Coordinator and Scheduler training!


Ideal audience is new cooordinator new to home care


You can utilize this as part of a new hire training for new Coordinators or as a refresher in service. 


Want to hire someone without Coordination experience? It may be beneficial to have fresh face, and fresh heart of a brand new Coordinator!


Have a high turn over in your staffing department? Give your employees the tools they need to be successful at their jobs.


The training program covers:


  • introduction to Home Care
  • what makes up a home care agency and description of each department
  • authorizations/third party payers
  • marketing and outreach
  • staffing
  • hard to staff cases
  • over time
  • documentation
  • clock in and clock out procedures/ verifying duty sheets
  • on call procedures
  • deadlines, organizational skills, and planning
  • when and what to report to your clinical team (including handling complaints) and more.....
  • Download instructions

    Click the hyperlink in the document to access. This is a slide video presentation.


  • Cancellation policy

    There are no refunds or cancellations for this product. Any techinical issues should be routed to

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