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Nurse Business Ideas for the Nurse Entrepreneur
Ask Nurse Business Coach Julia using our free AI Tool!


Calling all Nurse Entrepreneur minded in the following specialties:


Clinic Nurses

Quality Assurance Nurses

Home Care/Community Health Nurses, LTC/ALP

Specialty Nurses (ER ICU, CCU, PACU, OR, 

Maternity, Peds Nurses

Nurse Managers

School Nurses

Does this sound familiar? 


Fed up with working beside patients 

Trapped in an undesirable schedule and shift 

Exhausted by long shifts that consume your entire day 

Lack of work-life balance, even on your days off 

Tired of clocking in and out or requesting time off for personal matters 

Disillusioned with nursing as a career, burdened by student loans, and unable to pursue a different degree 

Desiring to be more present for your children and attend their school events 

Still interested in nursing, but in a different field such as entrepreneurship 

Seeking more creativity and balance in your work 

Craving more control over your time 

Easily bored with your current situation 

Aspiring for more than the average nurse salary of 100-200k per year 

Watching your organization rake in billions while you receive a fraction and do most of the work 

Wanting extra income for savings, homeownership, investments, or retirement 

Alternatively, content with your bedside career but desiring independent work during your time off 

Seeking options that are not tied to bedside nursing 

Not interested in a full-fledged nursing business, but open to occasional self-employment opportunities.

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 Ask Julia using our free AI Tool Here For Free!


Hi I am Julia Akinyooye

I am a passionate registered nurse, dedicated entrepreneur, and accomplished coach. With a strong belief in the power of entrepreneurship, I strive to motivate, educate, and inspire nurses and healthcare professionals to explore the vast opportunities within this dynamic field.

Who I help?

I help Nurses start up their nursing businesses and nurses who are already established scale their businesses.

Nurses who want to start or grow a health care business

Nurses in home care business

Nurses in staffing 

Nurses in Social Adult Day Programs

Nurses who want to start other types of community health businesses

Nurses who want to start CPR Businesses

Nurses who want start Coaching Practices including health coaching

Nurses who want to start Consulting Firms within their specialty

Other types of health care-related businesses



Nurses who are not serious about being a Nurse Entrepreneur 

Nurses who do not want to make an investment in themselves

Nurses who are not accountable or reliable

Nurses who want to get rich quick 

Medical Spas Businesses (Medispas) Botox, etc

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