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Mock survey
Onsite & Virtual Desk Audit Options

Our seasoned clinical nurse consultants help your agency be “audit ready” at all times and not just because you know you are due for a DOH audit. Our mock survey service is a one-of-a-kind service we started in 2015 that has saved home care agencies thousands of dollars and increased their profit margins. We mock audit your agency anywhere from 1-3 days and then we generate our proprietary home care assessment reports to evaluate your agency’s areas of strengths and weakness according to governmental standards.  It is a “well check” for your agency to ensure you are operating in compliance. It helps quality improvement workflow, minimizes complaints, streamlines processes, and improved KPIs.

We mimic a real-life audit to prepare your executive and management team before they get audited; we interview staff, and review your personnel and patient files ensuring we keep all your agency information confidential (with our BA agreements and our robust HIPAA program)

We work with your team to improve organizational processes, clinical framework, and record-keeping using our proprietary logs, and checklists.

  • Operations, Logistic, office layout

  • Clinical Charts Patient charts/ and samples against minimum standard DOH regulations or your regulatory body

  • Personnel Charts

  • Quality Assurance/ Governing Board Meetings


After the audit, we give you a comprehensive post-audit report delivered electronically which will include recommendations for corrections. We conduct a

Post-survey call to debrief to review findings/corrections needed so that you can take action immediately.


Ensure your agency is "audit ready" at all times by scheduling a mock survey to ensure you are meeting the requirements and prevent

  • poor patient outcomes

  • complaints

  • lawsuits

  • citations and deficiencies from your home care regulatory body

  • hefty fines

  • bad reputations

  • loss revenue

  • risk of the state ceasing your operations

  • poor growth

Our consultants provide Mock Surveys confidentially, quickly, and efficiently.

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