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Case Study: Client Synergy Home Care of Manhattan Franchise
Finance Executive Non-clinical
Executive to Healthcare Entrepreneur:


Finance Executive to Healthcare Entrepreneur: A Successful Homecare Business Transformation; Emmanuel Consulting Agency navigated the complex rules of the home care industry. Emmanuel Consulting Agency Firm specializes in providing comprehensive consulting services to individuals seeking to enter the homecare industry.

This case study focuses on the successful journey of a Finance Executive who ventured into the homecare business to address the challenges he faced while seeking proper care for his aging mother. Emmanuel Consulting Agency was tasked with guiding the Finance Executive through the process of setting up and operating a homecare business in New York State. Our consultant's expertise encompassed regulatory compliance, franchise model navigation, operations consulting, policy formulation, human resource consulting, strategic planning, organizational development, and C-level management training. Read more

Case Study: Client: [Company undisclosed due to confidentiality]

Emmanuel Consulting Agency helps LHCSA Maximize $17 million in healthcare funding, aides in allocation of funds, strategic planning and creation of various programs including value-based patient and employee retention programs to improve performance

In this case study, we will examine how Emmanuel Consulting Agency assisted a licensed home care services agency (LHCSA) in effectively utilizing funding from the Workforce and Value-Based Payment Directed Payment program approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Emmanuel Consulting Agency provided valuable guidance in creating a adjusting spending plan, allocating funds, implementing programs and initiatives, and ensuring compliance with reporting requirements. Through our expertise and strategic support, Emmanuel Consulting Agency helped the agency maximize the benefits of the funding and improve in key areas such as workforce retention, training, technology adoption, diversity and cultural competence, care management, emergency preparedness, and value-based payment. Read more 

 [Client's Name Undisclosed due to Confidentiality]

Case Study: Emmanuel Consulting Agency assists Health Care Entrepreneur in Purchasing a Skilled Home Care Business: Merger and Acquistion Consulting 

Emmanuel Consulting Agency provides (M&A) consulting and was tasked by a health care entrepreneur who wanted to acquire a skilled home care business. The entrepreneur, with a background in health care management, recognized the potential of the growing home care industry and sought to expand their portfolio by purchasing an established business. Read more

Case Study: [Client: Life Quality Home Care]
Assisting a Health Care Organization in Winning a Medicaid Contract bid with New York State Department of Health. RFO #20039.

Drafting a Request for Offer/Proposal Strategic Planning, Organizational, Planning, Project Management,

This case study focuses on Emmanuel Consulting Agency's successful bid to assist a Health Care Organization (HCO) in winning a Medicaid contract with the New York State Department of Health (DOH). The bidding process, known as Request for Offers #20039 (RFO #20039), required Fiscal Intermediaries (FIs) to comply with new rules in order to continue providing services under the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). Emmanuel Consulting Agency formed a specialized team to navigate the complex requirements and secure the contract for their client. Read more

Case Study [Client: H A C Home Care LLC]
Emmanuel Consulting Agency's Successful Executive Recruitment 

 H A C Home Care LLC, a healthcare organization, faced a critical need for a Director of Nursing to effectively manage their operations and drive organizational growth. Seeking the expertise of Emmanuel Consulting Agency, H A C Home Care LLC Care embarked on a strategic partnership to source, screen, and select a highly qualified candidate for this crucial leadership role. Read more

Case Study: Client: Multiple Healthcare Industry Clients, Health Care Entrepreneurs, Private Equity Firms, and Licensed Home Care Service Agencies
Emmanuel Consulting Agency Develop an Intensive Training Program for C-Level Executives in the Healthcare Industry & Specialty Registered Nurse Staff Training Program

As a consulting firm specializing in providing solutions for the healthcare industry, we understand healthcare organizations have several pain points within the industry, including a shortage of Registered Nurses (RN's) with managerial experience, difficulties in finding suitable replacements for C-level executives, and the need to hire qualified staff trained in compliance and management. To address these pain points, our agency developed a comprehensive training program for C-level executives, specifically targeting Directors of Nurses and Administrators in health care. The program was created by our founder who is a master's prepared registered nurse in nursing education and curriculum development. A portion of the training was developed in collaboration with past Department of Health (DOH) Auditors/surveyors and health care consultants for compliance expertise. Read more

Case Study: [Client undisclosed due to confidentiality]
Improving Operational Efficiencies and Quality in Healthcare Organizations: 

This case study focuses on an undisclosed healthcare organization that faced challenges such as low patient experience scores, employee retention issues, revenue decline, and poor performance on regulatory surveys. To address these issues, the healthcare organization enlisted the services of Emmanuel Consulting Agency. This case study outlines the steps taken by Emmanuel Consulting Agency to assess the organization's operations, identify areas of improvement, and implement effective solutions for enhanced patient experience and employee retention. Read more

Case Study: Client’s Name [Undisclosed due to confidentiality]
Consulting Firm Helps Client Overcome Department of Health Audit Deficiencies

In this case study, we will explore how Emmanuel Consulting Agency successfully assisted a healthcare agency in rectifying over 20 deficiencies identified during an audit by the Department of Health. The client faced critical challenges related to patient rights, patient safety and oversight, quality of care, employee personnel, governing authority, patient care record, clinical supervision, contracts, human resources, records and reports, policies and procedures, and medical oversight. Through a collaborative and comprehensive approach, the consulting agency was able to guide the client in creating and implementing a realistic plan of correction, resulting in regulatory compliance and improved performance. Read more

Case Study: Client [VIP Helpers of New Jersey]
Nurse Owned

Emmanuel Consulting Agency helps VIP Helpers of New Jersey obtain accreditation status & standard by regulatory body.

VIP Helpers of New Jersey is a leading provider of premium concierge private agency providing private services and regenerative medicine solutions. They sought to become accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Home Care (CAHC). Accreditation would ensure that the organization meets state regulations, industry guidelines, and best practices. To achieve this goal, VIP Helpers of New Jersey engaged the services of Emmanuel Consulting Agency. This case study highlights the role of Emmanuel Consulting Agency in preparing VIP Helpers of new Jersey for the accreditation survey and verifying compliance with healthcare accreditation the standards. Read more

Case Study: Vesretta Home Care, LLC, NY, NY
Registered Nurse Entrepreneur Successfully Launching a New York Home Care Agency with Expert Consulting Assistance from Emmanuel Consulting Agency.

An inspiring case study that highlights the successful launch of a home care agency with the assistance of our consulting firm.

This case study aims to encourage and inform other Nurses and healthcare entrepreneurs who may be facing similar challenges in navigating the complex landscape of regulations and requirements.

 Our client, a Jamaican born Registered Nurse in New York City, whose passion was in helping elderly in the home and who selflessly was the caregiver of her aging mother was inspired to start her own home care service agency. She had previously engaged another consulting firm to assist with starting a home care agency from scratch. Unfortunately, the previous firm failed to deliver the desired results in obtaining proper licensure, establishing a sound business structure, and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Frustrated and unable to launch the business after significant financial investment, our client sought a fresh perspective and turned to our team for assistance. Read more

Case Study: [Client Nancy Castleman
Registered Nurse & Veteran Oro Grande California]

Empowering Nurse Entrepreneurs: A Journey of Success in IV Infusion Nurse Registry Business

In the vast and challenging healthcare landscape, nurse entrepreneurs often face numerous obstacles when venturing into business ownership.

This case study highlights the remarkable journey of a nurse entrepreneur who overcame self-doubt, regulatory hurdles, and operational complexities with the assistance of our consulting firm.

By sharing this case study we aim to inspire and encourage other aspiring nurse entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and embrace the support of experienced consultants.

Our client, a registered nurse (RN) with an associate degree, had a vision to establish a specialized nurse business focusing on medically necessary IV infusion services. However, she initially believed that she lacked the necessary qualifications and advanced education to become a successful business owner. Barriers arose as fellow Nurses were unwilling to divulge their journey in establishing their own businesses or offer any guidance or insights. This lack of transparency and reluctance to share advice posed significant challenges for her in launching her own venture. Read more

Case Study: [Client Nurse Practitioner, name undisclosed due to confidentiality]
Empowering a Nurse Practitioner to Build a Successful Healthcare Staffing Business

This case study highlights the journey of a Nurse Practitioner (NP) who transformed her dream of work-life balance and business ownership into a successful healthcare staffing agency. By leveraging her expertise and network, she embarked on this entrepreneurial venture and sought the assistance of our consulting firm to navigate the complexities of starting a business in the highly competitive New York metro area. Read more

Janet Roberts RN Case study
Nancy Castleman
VIP Helpers of NJ

Case Study: Emmanuel Consulting Agency Helps MMO Nursing PLLC A group of Nurse Business Owners Advance in Healthcare Organizational Leadership to Enhance Patient Care

This case study highlights Emmanuel Consulting Agency providing organizational leadership and management consulting. In this case study, we assisted MMO Nursing PLLC, a private professional limited liability company, in transforming its three owners into strong leaders. Through a range of consulting services, Emmanuel Consulting Agency helped MMO Nursing PLLC strengthen their leadership skills to enhance patient care.

The journey of MMO Nursing PLLC began with a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) who had a passion for marketing and wanted to explore opening a nurse business. Inspired by his sister and father, who were also nurses, he embarked on this inspiring entrepreneurial endeavor. MMO is an acronym formed from the first letter of the three owners' names, symbolizing their commitment to providing quality concierge-level nursing care and not compromising quality of care even at high nursing hours. Read more here

MMO Nursing PLLC
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