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Exclusive Interview with Dr. Premal Jani and Surrogate Family Care


Client Spotlight

Interviewer: Julia Akinyooye

Interviewee Dr. Premal Jani

Tell us who you are.

My name and is Dr. Premal Jani. I was born, brought up and studied in India. I am a physician by profession and as every IMG I also had to go through taking my USMLE.

On My Journey to practice in US one day I decided that I want to do something different like taking care of people at home.


The Idea came to me in 2013 and I researched that every year the baby bloomer population is increasing, and I started reading many articles on how it’s getting difficult to take care of loved ones at home. The of the struggle of elderly especially those who live alone and also the children who are sandwiched between the two generations as I am one of them. Me and my husband not only did we have to take care of our parents but also our children. It is always great to see there is someone taking care of them and sharing the responsibility to make sure that they are safe.

We started as companion care and finally got our Home Health Care License in 2019.


Tell us about your services and expansion?

We started as Companion care in 2013 and it was indeed fulfilling to take care of so many people who were 18+. But as a Companion care you could only do certain task that have limitations and do not allow you to provide hands on care. Simultaneously I applied to get Home Health care license from DOH which we got approved on May 21st, 2019.

Like every agency we had our struggles to put our name out there. COVID came as a learning lesson, and we slowly grew. We are learning every day to outdo ourselves and be a better agency every day. The happiness we see on our patients and their loved ones is our achievement and Pride.


We offer

·         Non-Medical

·         Companion Care, Home Health Aide, Personal Care Aide, Housekeeping, Homemaker.

·         Medical / Skilled services

·         Skilled Nursing Services

Patient evaluation, Supervision of aide, IV Infusion, taking care of tracheotomy, catheter, gastric feeding, wound care, Medication management.

·         Therapeutic service

·         Physical therapy

·         Occupational therapy

·         Speech and language Pathology

·         Respiratory therapy

·         Nutritional

·         Medical Social services

·         Physician services- Home visits and Telehealth.

·         Medical supplies Equipment and appliances.


What inspired you to start your agency?


Being a physician, my dream was to bring care at the comfort of home.

I want Surrogate Family Care as a big Umbrella where patient can get all services in the comfort of their home.


Has anyone helped you in your journey?


My Parents who made me able and paid for my education. My ever-supporting husband and my children who have tremendous faith in me and my siblings. All my professional consultants, one of them is Julia from Emmanual consultants who have guided me to achieve where I am today. Lastly and most importantly my spiritual guru as I do my best to follow the morals and teaching not only in personal but in my professional life which has taught me patience, perseverance and to be honest and work hard.

Where can people find you?

Surrogate Family Care LLC,

1300 Jericho Turnpike,

Suite 205

New Hyde Park,

NY 11040

LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.


Could you share a life motto or a favorite quote that encapsulates your outlook on life and work?

- “When the going gets tough!

The tough gets going !!”

What is your "go-to" song that always uplifts your spirits and puts you in a positive mindset?

- “The Circle of Life” the song from Lion King.

Lastly, what is something about you that might surprise people?

-Always wanting to learn more and trying to be better than before. I do not compete with anyone but myself. 

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